Monday, December 5, 2011

Fremont at Christmas

I love it! A Grinch in a rocking chair. Watching that cartoon every year it's a tradition.  I put up my  tree three weeks a go and my friend Donna hung wrapped chocolates from the branches.  I don't want to get fat again so I'm doing my best not pulling them off the tree.
     Santas were every where for sale.  A lot looked like they were from the 70's.   I hate tacky plastic yard ornaments.  There was a guy in Tacoma who covered every square inch of his house and lawn with Christmas crap.  I'm sure his neighbors disliked him.  The light pollution coming from his house at night was blinding.
     Yesterday was fabulous lots of people wandering the Sunday Market.  The weather was sunny but chilly . Smells of fire pit cooked pizza and fresh nan bread with curry heaped in the middle floated in the air and wafted up peoples noses making them quite hungry.  I bought some mini doughnuts, tasted some chocolate samples and took a ton of great photos  I couldn't ask for a better day.

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