Monday, June 27, 2011

from my window

I got out of the hospital last week.  I was there for 7 days.  I had a fever of 104 and they couldn't figure out why.  Every test came out normal.  I'm on IV antibiotics that I give myself every 8 hours.  The only side effects are difficulty getting sleep and loose poop!  Last time I was on IV drugs I lost 65lbs from throwing-up and I got a blood clot.  I guess I can count myself lucky.

On my last day as I was checking out, a patient down the hall was screaming fuck you and get the fuck out to all who entered his room.  I asked a nurse how can you put up with such abuse, she said she can't and called security.  When security got to his room he was out wandering the halls.  You can't wander the halls when you have an infection.  He walked by me just as I  looked up from my phone, his gown was open in the back. I saw old man cock and balls and a nasty white ass.  I mumbled that I didn't really want to see that.  A cop behind me mumbled I didn't want to see that either.  He was a crazy homeless person that needed a tranquillizer and a muzzle.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunshine on the gum wall.

So gross! I saw people put their faces right up next to the gum for pictures.  I would love to know who put the first piece of gum on the wall.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Where the sidewalk ends!

Welcome to Shoreline Washington!  I wouldn't come here if there wasn't a Fred Meyer or Sky Nursery.  Between 165th and the Aurora Village there is road construction.  There are missing chunks of sidewalk, bits of debris, pylons, flopped over road signs and strips of danger tape.  This is hell on wheelchairs.  I am more than a bit nervous crossing the street, I pray that I can get out of turning traffic in time. If you don't need to come here, don't. Save yourself the headache.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Fremont Sunday Market

I love this sign and I found it in the Fremont Sunday Market.  Last Sunday I bought owl and butterfly knee socks a half bag of powered doughnuts and some flowers.  Plus I took lots of really cool pictures.  I got a shot of rows and rows of shoes.  The shoes made me think of Imelda Marcos.  I got a pic of a antique typewriter and a pic of a large collection of globes.  I made a greeting card out of the globes and put in a caption of, you mean the world to me.  I can always find a great photo in Fremont.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Did you know that more people die in the USA from MRSA than Aids!  In 2005 16,500 people died from Aids 18,000+ people died from MRSA.  MRSA costs tax payers an additional 5 billion dollars to treat.

You can get MRSA from hospitals, doctors offices, locker rooms gyms and nursing homes.  Old people, children, sports people, diabetics and anyone with a weak immune system can easily get it.

I have asked many people, Do you know what MRSA is? and the response most often is no.  I've had it 4 times now and for the life of me I can't understand from where.    One time it almost killed me.  I was in the hospital for 21 days.  I had a 104 fever 6 of those days.  I had two operations on my knee to dig out the puss.  I was on IV antibiotics for 2 months.  I lost 65lbs from throwing up.   In one year I have had MRSA 3 times!  And one of those times I had double MRSA.

MRSA is staff from hell and it grows on just about everything.  Staff doesn't bother most people. Washing your hands frequently and covering open wounds usually prevents MRSA.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Being an American

I am so happy to be an American!  I am so happy that I can speak my mind and not worried about being jailed or tortured and killed.  I was reading this morning about a 13 year old killed for protesting in Syria.  I"m amazed that a government felt so threatened by a kid that they killed him and then sent him back to his mom a month later.  That story made me sick.  Good on Hillary for screaming at the leader of Syria.  He Claimed that he was all about human rights, BULLSHIT!