Monday, June 27, 2011

from my window

I got out of the hospital last week.  I was there for 7 days.  I had a fever of 104 and they couldn't figure out why.  Every test came out normal.  I'm on IV antibiotics that I give myself every 8 hours.  The only side effects are difficulty getting sleep and loose poop!  Last time I was on IV drugs I lost 65lbs from throwing-up and I got a blood clot.  I guess I can count myself lucky.

On my last day as I was checking out, a patient down the hall was screaming fuck you and get the fuck out to all who entered his room.  I asked a nurse how can you put up with such abuse, she said she can't and called security.  When security got to his room he was out wandering the halls.  You can't wander the halls when you have an infection.  He walked by me just as I  looked up from my phone, his gown was open in the back. I saw old man cock and balls and a nasty white ass.  I mumbled that I didn't really want to see that.  A cop behind me mumbled I didn't want to see that either.  He was a crazy homeless person that needed a tranquillizer and a muzzle.

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