Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pike Place Market: at Night

I went to the market last night and I think I went a bit late.  Bryan Peterson says you should shoot just before sunset.  The building would look better in dark blue sky instead of black.  On the roof around the Conor there are pigs with lights and wreaths there is also a large tree with lights.  Right beside the public market sign there are fruit shapes in lights,
Holy mackerel!  The fish market smelled like my apartment last night.  I made deep fried rock fish with salsa for fish sauce.   Dredge your fish in flour, salt and pepper then dip it in egg and finally dip it in panko.  Put fish in hot oil about an inch deep.  Don;t flip fish until one side is golden brown, about five minutes.  Flip and cook another five minutes until fish breaks apart flaky.  Rock fish or red snapper is a thick fish so if you use a thinner fish like sole or tilapia it will take less time to fry.  Red snapper, my favorite fish, is only found in Florida and Texas.

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