Monday, December 12, 2011

Merry Stinking Christmas

I had a rough week this week.  I went to pre-op this week at Harborview Hospital and got sick in their waiting room.  I zipped in the bathroom and got sick again.  I felt sorry for the cleaning staff because there was stuff on the floor, the sink, the walls, the toilet, my wheelchair and me.  I had such a mess to clean up I had to scream for help.  A nurse came on the fifth yell with a stack of towels, wash rags, and wipes.  Then after meeting with the anaesthesiologist I went home on metro.  I'm sure a stunk.

My second problem was that my catheter bag rubbed on my wheel and the wheel rubbed a hole.  I was leaking every where.  I tried scotch tape and that worked for a while.  Then I tried using duct tape (handy mans secret weapon) that didn't work at all.  I had to finally call Heartland for a new bag.  Damn duct tape its supposed to fix everything.  I won't talk about my third problem cuz it is worse than the second problem.
This weekend I wanted to go to Fisherman's Terminal but I ended up in Pike's and Fremont.  It rained off and on making it difficult to take out my camera.  I did take a picture of a man covered in sliver paint with a pigeon on his head and a man covered in gold showing me the thumbs up.  The day wasn't a total loss.

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LeFever said...

When I get my own place I'm going to need images I love the flowers maybe some canvases and pike sign's in the kitchen, just need my own place!!!!!