Thursday, December 22, 2011

So true!

I saw this on a wall in Ravenna behind Whole Foods.

I bought a roast today I almost shit a brick when the butcher said 25.00.  It was a rib eye roast, so I guess I got a deal.  It was 4.99 a pound.   The best way to cook a rib eye steak is to cut up mushrooms and onions and saute them up in butter.  When the mushrooms are almost done, melt a little more butter in the pan and toss in a seasoned steak.  Seasoning is nothing but salt and pepper.  Set a timer for 1 minute 30.  Flip the steak and set the timer for the same.  When the timer goes off stick your finger in the center, the further your finger goes in the rarer the steak is.  Set the timer for another minute if you like it medium.  I like my steak still mooing.

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