Saturday, December 24, 2011


A3100 is a Canon point and shoot.  It was cheap when I bought it, only 109.99 at Office Depot.  The camera is really neat, its almost more advanced than my SLR  The only cons are it sucks in low light and its only has a 4 optical zoom.  I took the photo above on ISO 400 and on vivid color.  I set the bowl of jelly beans in the window so no flash was needed.  I bought the camera because I wanted a camera to take with me in the hospital.  One I  wouldn't get too upset if it got lost or stolen.

I can take sepia tone, BW, vivid color photos.  I can change the ISO up to 1600.  There's is movie mode, white balance settings, continuous shooting and it has large LCD.  Not bad really for a point and shoot.  I also can use it when its raining outside.    I recommend it if you want something basic with cool extras.

You don;t need the most expensive camera to take a great photo.  Its all about knowing how to use the camera you do have.  Bryan Peterson has a book about close-up photography and most of the pictures were taken with a Lieca point and shoot.

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