Friday, August 5, 2011

Wilde Style

Yesterday was First Thursday in Seattle, that means all the museums are free!  We went to the Henry Art Gallery on the UW campus.  The museum had on loan a collection of Andy Warhol Polaroids.   I was hoping there be allot more of his work, but there wasn't.  There was, however, room after room of photographs.  Some photo were film and some were digital. There was also a couple of interactive exhibits on the bottom floor.  My favorite pic by far was a photo of bottles, millions of bottles.  They represented the number of bottles we generate each day.   I'm never buying bottled water again!  The picture didn't include: milk jugs, plastic coffee cups and straws or cleaning product bottles.

I was inspired to find my own art after leaving the gallery.  I'm not sure what I like better the classic car or the mural behind it.  The car and the art are near 52nd and U-Way in an alley.  The mural is in the Wilde Style of graffiti and if go around corner there is more to see.

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