Sunday, October 5, 2014

Hobby Lobby Opened....So What!

The protest over Hobby Lobby not paying for birth control was a failure.  I'm not sure it was even a protest.  There were 20 people with signs and 2 cops on bikes.  Hobby was supposed to open at 9 am on Friday, when that didn't happen everyone went home.  Hobby Opened at 3 pm with no protestors in sight.

Most of the protesters stayed around the pedestrian bridge on 130th and Aurora. These look like protestors from far away but when I zoomed in close this is what I saw.

 We love Hobby Lobby and yet you want to boycott it too?  I looked, I shopped, I bought something.  Not a bad store, A little too Christian for my taste.  What I did like about Hobby is they hired a lot of people, and starting wage was higher than the minimum.   Where the store is it used to be a Kmart and then it stayed vacant for a long time. Maybe a Christianish store will improve the feel of the neighborhood.

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