Monday, April 15, 2013

Go see dead people!

Oldest restaurant in Seattle Located in Pioneer Square
 and is also thought to be haunted.

This building was on a show called the Dead Files.  A medium and a former police officer go to haunted places to try to figure out who and why someone is haunting a place.  People did die in the basement but that was in the 1890's.  According to the show they died during the great fire.  Three people died just outside and across the street.  A lynch mob tortured and hung three guys in a quickly put together gallows.  This also happened in the 1890's.  And finally a couple haunts the place, he died in a mental asylum from syphilis.  She died from TB.  He contracted syph from a hooker and she hung around probably because she is pissed about it.

According to the show the ghosts made the present owner very sick.  One of the bartenders is afraid to go into the basement.

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