Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Some nice people I met tonight

This is Dave a good looking pedi-cab driver in Pike Place Market.
He has a sweet personality and is so friendly.  He could drive me anywhere.

What a beautiful sunset!

I got so lucky with this one he is taking a picture out the window.
I am taking a picture of him taking a picture.

If I had got downtown a 1/2 hour earlier I would have gone out on a ferry.

I met a sweet marine who is stationed in North Carolina and is shipping out for 
Japan tomorrow.  He said he is a sniper and he hopes to use that skill with the FBI
when he is done his hitch.  He says he feels like a number and just paid to do a job.
That's bullshit just because you get paid to do job doesn't mean you don't have a soul.
He said what he cares about the most is his wife back in Indiana.

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Ocho-Gritos said...

Great shot of the sign