Monday, September 3, 2012

Seattle: Red Mill Burger

 Blue Cheese and Pepper Bacon Burger

Best Burger you'll ever eat!  Oprah says yon need to eat one before you die.  Man vs Food featured Red Mill on the show.  Located on Phinny Ridge at 312 N 67th St.

Pepper Bacon Stack on the Grill

Every burger needs good onion rings on the side and these are the best!

Play with your food

The restaurant is owned by John and Babe Shepherd and was opened in 1994.  There are 2 other locations, one in Interbay and on in Ballard.  The original Red Mill on Capital hill closed in 1967.  Red Mill has been voted best burger 10 years running.  Not expensive,  Has vegetarian choices and Plenty of seating.  Draw backs for Phinny Location is limited parking and wheel char accessibility.

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Anonymous said...

Sure makes me hungry. Great photos too. mm