Friday, August 31, 2012

Seattle: View from the Top

View of Elliot's Bay

The Wheel and the Ferry

The Coleman Docks

Harborview Hospital and the Interstate

The Needle

I don't know if it was me, the time of day, the haze or the fact that the building is covered in black tinted glass but my pics were less than stellar for the most part.  The observation room is on the 73rd floor and there is a 9 dollar entrance fee.  You get a 3 quarter view, no looking northeast.   One coffee, a bagel and a awesome view on two floors of the city cost less then a trip up the Needle.

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Anonymous said...

Oldaaqu 7Wonderful shots, but the glass was interfering; it almost looks like there is somethng between two layers of glass that is not flush with the glass, or that the glass in not of uniform thickness. It might be possible to edit the photo with paintshop pro or Photoshop to try to minimize the effect.