Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I'm better now

My Iron Heart

I was in the hospital for nine days!  I called 911 a week ago because I had a fever of 103.4.  That isn't good temperature for anyone, but it is especially bad if you have just had surgery.  

I was playing with condoms in my follow up appointment!

 I was puking for days in a hospital bed.  Every time I coughed my stomach would try to empty, thank god there was nothing in it.  Food looked and smelled terrible, I wanted to eat but nothing went down.

New Harborview Ceiling 

I had an E-Coli infection.  How I got that is any ones guess.  I had blood draws everyday twice a day, X-Rays of my chest and my gut taken,  three different IVs started and finally a port in my chest so I can give myself drugs every 6 hours.

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