Sunday, July 15, 2012

Medical I.D. Bands

New Fashion Statement!

Instead of dog tags, I thought I start a collection of medical I.D bands.  The red and white bands are for one hospital because I was supposed to have an operation.  I was second up so I got to sleep in a little. I got in at my appointed time and waited and then waited some more.  Finally I said, "I'm really tired and need to get out of this wheelchair,  what is the hold up?"  Maybe its a Friday the Thirteenth thing but the patient before me ran into complications.  I finally went back to pre-op and got prepped.and also waited some more.  I fell asleep waiting so long, I dreamed that I was in post-op and the operation was done.  I was SOL(shit out of luck).  A surgeon woke me up three hours later to say the first guy is still in there and it could be another four hours before you get in there.  Do you still want surgery? Oh hell no!  We need to reschedule.  He's a good surgeon I'm told but I don't want him after ten hours of him working on the other guy.  My surgeon was probably thinking about sleep, coffee or one hell of a major piss. The surgeon is a urologist what possibly could be wrong that a person needs eight hours of surgery?

The green band is from another hospital because of difficulties from the first hospital.

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