Thursday, May 24, 2012

Good bye Tim

     The other day I was out on my porch tending my flowers, my neighbor who lives in the apartment above me came out and said hi.  I didn't know him well but when ever I passed by him in the neighborhood I always strike a conversation with him.  He is 39 and lives with his mother.  Tim takes care of disabled mother.  He is a really sweet guy always asking me if I need any help he's available, he even gave me his cell phone number if I had an emergency.
     Yesterday I was in the library looking for something to read, when a neighbor who I hadn't seen in quite some time asked me if I knew Tim was dead.  I said you have to be making that up I just saw him two days ago.  It's true, he's dead.  His mother found him but it was too late to help him.  I don't know exactly how he passed and I'm not sure what is mother is going to do now that he's gone.  Life just comes and goes so fast, its scary.  I will miss him.
Iris at the Broadview

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