Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mt Rainier from the Bainbridge Ferry

Mt. Rainier glowing from behind West Seattle

The news yesterday was so shocking,  6 People dead from one shooter.  I lived in that neighborhood years ago. I went to that coffee shop a few times.  I want to know if he knew any of the people he shot, why that coffees shop and not a busier Starbucks a few blocks away?  The shooter's brother said he wasn't surprised this happened.  The brother said he was really angry about something.  What the hell can you be so angry about that you could shoot 5 people and then yourself?  We all do stuff when we are angry, I deep clean my apartment or break glass to relive stress,  I couldn't shoot people.  How do you get rid of your anger/stress?

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Anonymous said...

beautiful way to start a day with the glowing mountain witnessing you. terrible way to end the days of so many because of uncontrolled anger. n your eulogy for your neighbor was so touching. big emotions, lovely photos.