Thursday, January 19, 2012

Seattle: SOPA

If you aren't familiar with SOPA, you should be.  It's a bill politicians are trying to push through congress.  The US government is trying to protect American ideas, art and music from being stolen from people outside the US. Unfortunately the bill is too broadly worded and could shut down everything on the Internet.  This shutting down of websites affects Facebook, You Tube, personal blogs, flickr and and other photo websites.  That, in my opinion: violates the first amendment.  There is allot more to this bill, I suggest you watch some You Tube videos to find out more.  This bill affects everybody not just Americans.

Glazed window from frozen rain

Theatre comedy tragedy symbol

Got stuck on the terrace roof yesterday.  I went up for a look-see and got stuck, and damn was it cold up there.  Thank god people were in the rental office otherwise I would have had to call 911.  I screamed, "Help I'm stuck on the roof".  Kim pulled me out of the snow pile and back to the warmth.  I felt dumb. 

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