Tuesday, September 27, 2011

MMMM Doughtnuts!

I could kill for a Dunkin doughnut.  Dunkin used to be out here.  Krispy Kreme is gross compared to a Dunkin chocolate coconut or a chocolate filled doughnut.  My mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I said doughnuts. Last year my present was a half dozen doughnuts. Did you know Top Pot was voted top doughnut company in the country and its a Seattle based company. I need to check them out to see if its true.

Why am I musing about doughnuts?  Its because I'm disgusted with hospital food.  I get a menu every morning and I have to choose what is the least gross thing on it for tomorrows meals.  There is always something with gravy or taste less cheese sauce.  The veggies are so over cooked and the potatoes came from dehydrated flakes.  And god for bid you order eggs by the time you get them they are rubbery pebbles.  Once a nurse lifted the lid to my dinner and said, "that looks like shit!"  I once sniffed my dinner and couldn't tell if the smell was from the food or I had shit myself.

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