Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Artist at Work at the Ballard Locks

I met this artist on Sunday at the swing band concert.  I thought he was a different artist from a distance.  There is this guy I'd see every once in a while near Pike's painting the oddest scenes.  The painting were quite stunning in a simple sort of way.  This artist is not him but he actually knows the guy I was thinking he was.  Damn, what a small world.

Matt Bazemore (the artist above) is a painter from the Ballard area of Seattle.  If you look at his website many of his pictures are of Ballard.  Matt work is fantastic,  I love his use of bright colors. He really brings Ballard to life in a unique way. Go to mattbazemore.com and see his work, you will definitely be impressed.  My favorite painting is the coffee on the side of the 5 Spot cafe.

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